Sunday, 29 November 2009

Fabric Compositions

I have been playing with fabric scraps, which relates to the gypsy theme, as within the vans I visited I noticed a lot of mixed colours and a bit of a 'mish mash' of fabrics, so I have taken this aspect and have started to use it within my own work. I have been making lots of compositions and making small story lines with my imagery.
A few examples:

Gypsy Tea Party.

Fond of tea?

Thursday, 5 November 2009


After a print workshop last week, I was introduced to printing on aluminium plates with disperse prints from the digital printer. My tests worked well and it was something I wanted to pursue with as I am using shiny foils, metallic polishes and chrome imagery within my work.
So this week I have been taking advantage of the heat press and knocking out some test plates using silver mirror, gold mirror and matte white plates with single placement and repeat designs in different sizes.

So far I have only had chance to photogrpah my silver mirrored designs, but expect more to come soon! The photos aren't too great, but it was hard to get them at a good angle as everything around me was reflecting off them.

Colour Palettes.

Here are some of the colour palettes I have been working with. The colours have been taken from my own photographs from La Rosa Campsite.