Tuesday, 9 April 2013

All that Sparkles!

I first came across Beauxoxo when I went to the clothes show in Birmingham last December. I was instantly drawn to her paper rose hair garlands and glittery hair bows. I think this is where my affair with hair accessories really began. 

I started my collection with a green glitter hair bow (ready for the festive season!) and a black and orange hair garland. 

And now I am most definitely hooked! Every payday or just whenever I know I have a few pennies to spare, I head over to the website and usually treat myself to a sparkly glitter bow! 

My aim...to own them all! Haha...no really it is!
My collection so far is 7 glittery bows...

from top to bottom; Gunmetal Grey, Allsorts Rainbow, Peacock, Ruby Red Slippers, Hot Pink Fuchsia, Emerald Green and Aqua Blue. 

Hot Pink Fuchsia in my updo. 

Ruby Red Slippers rocking my messy bun.

I just love love LOVE them. 

The talented lady behind Beauxoxo goes by the name Georgie. She's ever so sweet, with my last order I got a free fabric bow...

& chocolates...I can't photo those cause I consumed them shortly after opening my parcel :) 

Georgie doesn't just do hair bows and garlands, she has a whole range of other hair accessories, which I recommend you go and check out on her website here, from hair bands, butterflies, bows, floral crowns, knitted headbands, head scarves & hair jewellery...and more, theres bound to be something waiting for you! 

I also have a butterfly hair clip... and once again there was a freebie thrown in, a mini butterfly clip! 

Even the box is pretty and pink! 

Other ways to find Beauxoxo...

Become a fan on Facebook
Follow on Twitter
Shop on Etsy
Follow her Blog
And visit the website!

I'm probably going to go buy myself a birthday bow treat now. 

Loves, sparkles and glitter! 

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Matthew Plowright

Matt found his way into his first exhibition earlier this year when he took over a corridor at Duncan Macmillan House, Nottingham. 
I managed to get myself there for the day to see his amazing illustrations for his collection of Rodger the Prawn books and his acrylic paintings inspired by artists such as Dali, Picasso and Van Gogh. 

If you haven't seen his work, then its definitely one to check out, all images are done by hand and Matt's imagination is out of this world! 

You can find him here on Facebook. 

Here's a selection of photos I took (with his permission!) at his exhibition...

'My Other Minotaur'

'Skelly Fishmas Party'

'The Beaks on the Bus' & 'After Friedensreich Hundertwasser' 

'Elizabeth McGobble Gobble the 1st'

'The Golden Wonder of the One Eyed Queen'

'The Moosehallucination'

and here's some of my faves from the past...

'Mane Man'

'Billy Brittle'

Agreed?! Awesome illustrations? YES!

Hoppity Roo

firstly...happy easter! 

I would like to share with you a new and exciting brand called Hoppity Roo based in West Yorkshire. Ranges include stationary & giftware at present. But I'm sure this will be an expanding brand to keep an eye out for! 

Check out Hoppity Roo; become a fan on Facebook, follow on Twitter and shop on Etsy. 

Here's a little sneak of some of their work...

I love this 'Funky Florals' print with its simple colour palette, and repetitive pattern. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Song of the week...

My friend Marley has just released his latest single, 'Lockley's Flag' featuring his friend Ellie. 
I recommend you all hit YouTube and have a listen here. 
Or be a real lady or gent and download it on iTunes like I just have. 

Oh and I've just realised I can stick it on my blog here. Bingo!


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Spring Fair 2013

The Spring Fair in Birmingham at the NEC was an insight for me as a designer to see whats out there this year and what traders are into. I wasn't too sure where to head first as it was a huge event, 100s of stands crammed into each hall, but I had to start somewhere and headed to find my friend Helen over at Mode Information. (They do trend books/magazines/Pantone etc..)
Helen told me about how there was going to be an interview with Kirstie Allsopp starting within the hour, so I thought I would stay to have a listen at what she has to say (love homemade home & her xmas programme). 
Kirstie Allsopp was lovely. Although she did say she dislikes interviews cause she's never sure if she's talking about the right thing! Also what I didn't know is Cath Kidston is her cousin. 
She spoke about how she got into crafting, work experience, some of her favourite designers and her new stationary collection for Blueprint Collections (not 100% sure on the launch). She was also asked a question down the line of "Is the stereotypical crafter a female?" Straight off her answer was "No. There are so many crafters out there, men, women, older, any age, there are so many different kinds of people crafting that there can't be a stereotype." 
A few of Kirstie's favourite designers...
Kaffe Fassett (I hope I've got that right!) who specialises in knitwear, patchwork, needlework. 
Emma Bridgewater pottery, stationary, textiles.
Matthew Rice painter, author.

All in all, an interesting interview. 

I have a huge interest in cute stationary, so I headed to the greetings & stationary hall where I was in my element! I spoke to a couple of people in there which led me on to feeling inspired. 
Obiko - Lovely lady called Linda who hand draws and uses illustrator/photoshop to colour her designs. I love her style. It was simple but still detailed. She was very nice and told me to keep at what I want to do :) 

arthousemeath - very inspiring group of people and i absolutely love the drawings and designs that happen here. They are a social enterprise that works with adults with epilepsy and learning difficulties which through art they can express themselves, create and raise money for charity. 

Gillian Kyle - Lovely scottish lady. Gave me a chocolate tea cake (YUM! - I did enjoy it.) Gillian has a wonderful drawing style, I recognised her work from seeing her tea towels on the To Dry For website. She was also very inspiring and advisable. 

Inspiring afternoon but my toesies needed to be rested from all the walking!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Chinese New Year.....Fortune Cookies.

With Chinese New Year approaching & having just read Mollie Makes Magazine issue 22, I was feeling inspired to create the fortune cookies to send to one of my friends. (Sorry if your reading this in advance!..surprise!)
Having tried and failed to follow the step by step guide in the magazine I looked for a simpler way online and found a very quick and easy way of making little felt fortune cookies to send little messages!

Wonder Forest is an amazing blog which features style, design, crafts and life.
I happened to come across these cute and simple fortune cookies and just changed the colours and a few techniques along the way.

Click here to view the step by step tutorial on how to make the cookies.
Here's how I changed them..firstly I wanted fortune cookie colours, so I changed to brown/cashmere coloured felt, secondly instead of using the wire, I found it easier to use the same/similar coloured pipe cleaners cut to size and stuck down with a glue gun. Finally I hand wrote my messages...as I didn't have access to a printer. All in all they looked rather sweet.

Happy Chinese New Year folks, (for Sunday!) 

Photos Ahoy!

 Hooray! I finally have access to load photos again! 
What a treat for you & me! 
So here's a peak at some of the jewellery I've been selling in Vintage Cottage. Scrabble tiles, dominoes and wooden owls...

Will be making more things over the next few weeks...look out for more treats soon!
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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday Nights & Rodger the Prawn.

Good evening lovelies,

I am still struggling to get photos uploaded! The samsung tablet doesn't seem to support uploads on this website and my laptop has seen better days, I think its time I got a new one really, it'll be almost 7 years old this year. Time I got a mac I think! 

On a brighter note, I am off to the spring fair on monday/tuesday for a nose and meet my friend helen for food. Also a fellow graduate, matt plowright has his first solo exhibition in nottingham starting next week, so would be great if any of you guys/gals could go show your support, check it out or tell friends in the area. I believe it starts tuesday/wednesday and goes on til about march/april time. 
Location: Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Nottingham, NG3 6AA. 
Come and see Rodger the Prawn!!!

Time for steak and chips! 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Little Ginger*

Little Ginger* is my Facebook page full of handmade jewellery just waiting for you lovely people to gander at and possibly make a purchase! Hehe, cheeky! At 100 limes I will stick all your names in a hat (or similar) and pick a winner ♡ 
http://www.facebook.com/LittleGingerChar <--- again="again" aiming="aiming" all="all" am="am" and="and" click="click" creativity="creativity" every="every" few="few" font="font" for="for" friends.="friends." giveaways="giveaways" go="go" i="i" in="in" it="it" just="just" like="like" lots="lots" more="more" nbsp="nbsp" next="next" now="now" on="on" share="share" the="the" weeks="weeks" with="with" your="your">
On an up for the new year, my jewellery is being sold at Vintage Cottage in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire along with lots of other handmade and vintage beauties you should definitely check out! [I got a lovely scarf in there today♥] 

I was going to pop up some photos on my blog of my jewellery after I had figured it out, but it turns out this device doesn't support flash so I cant upload...so frustrating. 

I am going for a little sketching session now. Bringing out the pro markers and fineliners :)

Cheerio. ♡

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

happy new year !!

Happy New Year! 
Hope all you lovely people had a good one!
Mine was spent with my boyfriend, Jon cooking me a lovely meal & playing pokemon monopoly, cause we are too cool. *geeks!* I of course went bankrupt and that was the end of the game. We also watched Bridget Jones Diary and then by midnight I was knackered, saw the new year in and then home to bed I went ready for work at 9am this morning....booo!
This afternoon has been spent in my onesie, watching Downton Abbey and sorting out somehandmade treats to take to Vintage Cottage next week. I'll upload some photos.
As the darkness draws in I think I will go find myself a cuppa tea & get comfy on the sofa, might even get a plate of chocolate cake, mom told me some very wise words this lunchtime....if your gonna go on a diet or start to eat healthier as a new years resolution, start it around the 15th January...gives you time to eat up all the chocolates in the house and all that sugary food you have lurking in a cupboard! So I think I will go by that advice and go get me some cake! nomnom nom!!!