Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Little Ginger*

Little Ginger* is my Facebook page full of handmade jewellery just waiting for you lovely people to gander at and possibly make a purchase! Hehe, cheeky! At 100 limes I will stick all your names in a hat (or similar) and pick a winner ♡ <--- again="again" aiming="aiming" all="all" am="am" and="and" click="click" creativity="creativity" every="every" few="few" font="font" for="for" friends.="friends." giveaways="giveaways" go="go" i="i" in="in" it="it" just="just" like="like" lots="lots" more="more" nbsp="nbsp" next="next" now="now" on="on" share="share" the="the" weeks="weeks" with="with" your="your">
On an up for the new year, my jewellery is being sold at Vintage Cottage in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire along with lots of other handmade and vintage beauties you should definitely check out! [I got a lovely scarf in there today♥] 

I was going to pop up some photos on my blog of my jewellery after I had figured it out, but it turns out this device doesn't support flash so I cant frustrating. 

I am going for a little sketching session now. Bringing out the pro markers and fineliners :)

Cheerio. ♡

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