Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Little Ginger*

Little Ginger* is my Facebook page full of handmade jewellery just waiting for you lovely people to gander at and possibly make a purchase! Hehe, cheeky! At 100 limes I will stick all your names in a hat (or similar) and pick a winner ♡ <--- again="again" aiming="aiming" all="all" am="am" and="and" click="click" creativity="creativity" every="every" few="few" font="font" for="for" friends.="friends." giveaways="giveaways" go="go" i="i" in="in" it="it" just="just" like="like" lots="lots" more="more" nbsp="nbsp" next="next" now="now" on="on" share="share" the="the" weeks="weeks" with="with" your="your">
On an up for the new year, my jewellery is being sold at Vintage Cottage in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire along with lots of other handmade and vintage beauties you should definitely check out! [I got a lovely scarf in there today♥] 

I was going to pop up some photos on my blog of my jewellery after I had figured it out, but it turns out this device doesn't support flash so I cant frustrating. 

I am going for a little sketching session now. Bringing out the pro markers and fineliners :)

Cheerio. ♡

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

happy new year !!

Happy New Year! 
Hope all you lovely people had a good one!
Mine was spent with my boyfriend, Jon cooking me a lovely meal & playing pokemon monopoly, cause we are too cool. *geeks!* I of course went bankrupt and that was the end of the game. We also watched Bridget Jones Diary and then by midnight I was knackered, saw the new year in and then home to bed I went ready for work at 9am this morning....booo!
This afternoon has been spent in my onesie, watching Downton Abbey and sorting out somehandmade treats to take to Vintage Cottage next week. I'll upload some photos.
As the darkness draws in I think I will go find myself a cuppa tea & get comfy on the sofa, might even get a plate of chocolate cake, mom told me some very wise words this lunchtime....if your gonna go on a diet or start to eat healthier as a new years resolution, start it around the 15th you time to eat up all the chocolates in the house and all that sugary food you have lurking in a cupboard! So I think I will go by that advice and go get me some cake! nomnom nom!!!