Thursday, 25 November 2010

arts trail.

For those of you that read my blog, you will know I travelled up to Leeds to participate in the Headingley Arts Trail. It was an okay weekend, although the map was badly made, we didn't really have many people come through our doors, but on the plus side I met some nice creative peoples...including Helen from hellomemo. Click on the link and check out her work, illustrations = amazing! 
When I reached Leeds it made me miss uni and all the fun times shared with house mates and friends. It was nice though, maybe one day I will return and go to co-op at midnight for a vegetable pasty in my pyjamas. 
A few photos of my work from that weekend...

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Snowman with a Mullet.

Say Hello to Indie-SnowMan. He's the coolest snowman in town , with a ginger mullet and cool accessories, like his pink spotted neckerchief and pink braces.

Indie-SnowMan is based on a snowman me & my friend Kimmi made last year in the massive snow attack fun. I decided to bring him to life in the form of a Christmas card this year, for those who want an alternative Christmas card, this ones for you. Stick the traditional stuff! (Although I do like it!)

I am hoping to get him printed soon, so if your a lucky friend, you may get Indie-SnowMan through your door come the xmas period! 

Tea Towels

And the tea towels I've had made for the exhibition...
Thanks to the clever baggers.


Here are some pinnies I have hand drawn and made...
These will be coming with me to the headingley arts trail.

New Design

A fan on Facebook suggested I do a Cappuccino related postcard design, as I have the 'Fond of Tea..' one and nothing for coffee lovers! So here it is...
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