Thursday, 2 December 2010

America's Next Top Model.

I am so happy that Ann won ANTM that I have to post about it! 
She is a beautiful girl, loved her from the start. :)

Haven't posted for a while, so thought I would drop a little line about what I've been up to...(for those of you who read my blog!) Well, this week I have been busy between work and work experience at Momiji. 
Monday was a day creating Christmas crafty things for the Momiji online advent calender..sign up to it here. There will be lots of exciting things from it, I promise you! I've signed myself up. Me and the other work exp girl, Charly made a Christmas Tree out of paper and stuck it on the wall and decorated it. We also made candy wreaths, which are rather exciting, but quite time consuming! 
See our efforts below..

And then we also got given some lovely freebies...

Silly Billy (White hair)
Coco (Black Hair) 
Pudding - (Brown Pudding hair)


Robin in the snow globe were my doll freebies and I also got a little journal. :)

I have been at Momiji again today, making paper chains, microwave-able fudge and origami stars.. I started as a loser in the paper folding hobby, but then began to get the hang of it as the day went on. 

All in all, it has been a nice few days there this week.

This Sunday I am heading to a crafts fair, where I will be taking my jewellery, tea towels, pinnies, bags and cards and other bits and bobbins along to sell. My friend Jessica Chan is also coming along to help and to bring some lovely laser cut necklaces and knitted necklaces. Check Jess out here. And to get details on the craft fair go here

Don't be a square, get your purse and head down to the fair to pick up some handmade treats for yourself and as xmas presents :)