Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Snowman with a Mullet.

Say Hello to Indie-SnowMan. He's the coolest snowman in town , with a ginger mullet and cool accessories, like his pink spotted neckerchief and pink braces.

Indie-SnowMan is based on a snowman me & my friend Kimmi made last year in the massive snow attack fun. I decided to bring him to life in the form of a Christmas card this year, for those who want an alternative Christmas card, this ones for you. Stick the traditional stuff! (Although I do like it!)

I am hoping to get him printed soon, so if your a lucky friend, you may get Indie-SnowMan through your door come the xmas period! 


memo said...

Yo Miss nice to meet you at the weekend, hope you got home ok yesterday! i am knackered today, argh. thanks for the Roses :) h X

Charlotte said...

you too :)
Arhh no problem with the chocs, you did open up your home to us all! (thanks again) x