Sunday, 13 December 2009

Spreading the love for fabric compositions.

Experimenting with more fabric compositions has lead me up to my final compositions and imagery for this half of the project, which is now all handed in *smiles* ! I have also tested a few of my images onto cotton poplin which I feel have been a bit of a let down with the colour being drained from the prints, but this is all within the developmental testing I guess!
But overall I personally prefer my paper based designs, but am still a little bit stuck with how they will be produced as end products! Will it be paper based or fabric? I would like to possibly print within ceramics, as this is an area which has been suggested by a few of my friends. I have also thought about canvas bags, as the 'gypsy' is a known traveller, the thought of bags is a thought of travelling around, so it makes a good link.
For now I shall leave you with some images of some more compositions, created both by hand and photoshop and some draped images of my prints on ceramics.

Gypsy Martha, Play me that sweet song.

Gypsy Martha likes Tea.

Travel with me and we can drink Tea.

Ideas for final pieces.

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