Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well, I am finally feeling more myself and haven't blogged in over a month! For anyone who reads this, I am sorry! I haven't really been doing any designing due to being ill. I hope to get back on it soon though. 

I have a placement with Jessie Chorley starting first week of February, which is rather exciting for me, as I haven't really had any work experience in a studio. I will be with her for a week and I'm looking forward to learning a little bit about how she works within her studio and shop.

New Years Resolutions...
We all make resolutions, mostly to be broken! But mine this year are to design a lot more, and get into as many craft fairs as I can with my little side projects, such as jewellery & such things. I am also aiming to do a lot more drawing this year! Keep up with the doodles that may be used to create designs :)

Ohh and I will end the post with a little link to a site called Naplew Productions which my friend Marley has put together, for his creative friends, and I am on here!
So here it is... Naplew Productions.

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