Monday, 25 August 2008

Wolverhampton – Saturday 26th July 2008

Went to the Art Gallery in Wolves to check out the Open West Midlands 2008 exhibition as one of my friends had entered his work into it and got picked to be exhibited. Was really quite interesting to see what kind of works had been entered, mainly fine art and graphic subjects. There were a lot of mixed media’s including; video art, Indian inks, fabrics, teapots imbedded into fabrics creating what looked like little feet (the spouts), MDF, canvas, plastic, acrylic, oil, the list could go on. My Nan and Mom came with me and my Nan just didn’t understand some of the pieces. She kept saying kids in the village (where she’s from) primary school could do a better job! I don’t think she understood the term contemporary. My friend’s (Luke Harkus-Jefferies) piece was pretty cool, he’d made a dolls house and decorated the inside beautifully, inside and out, but the basement windows were bordered up with MDF. To see the insides of each room there were peep holes on the sides of the house, and the bottom was like a kind of slaughter house. With dead bodies and limbs about the place, this was pretty cool.
Also whilst walking round, we noticed there was a Pop Art Exhibition on, also fairly interesting. A lot of the work was very Andy Warhol inspired, such as the Campbell soup poster. Also old retro toys such as the Furby, vinyl’s by The Beetles, CDs by Oasis and Paul Weller. Sixties style clothes which you could try on, there was a well cool printed dress in there, which I tried on and my Nan told me to walk out in it, I think they would of noticed though! The work that I particularly liked was screen printed and collages, by artists Joe Tilson and Eduardo Paolozzi.

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