Monday, 1 September 2008

Manchester 3!

Arr, yes we finally found the Urbis Gallery. Wow. Again. The exterior was amazing. Big glass building.
This is the gallery I wanted to come to Manchester for! To see the Matthew Williamson: 10 Years in Fashion exhibition! But I'll come to that in a mintue.

Level one:
How Manga Took Over The World.
Exploring the art of Manga and it's influences on contemporary cutlure: from music, fashion and art, right through to the corporate sector.
This exhibition was really fun, with lots of bright colours, fascinating imagery and different medias.
1st area we went into was an over 18's part, and there was pictures of Hello Kitty in bondage. Beloved Hello Kitty.. Poor Kitty in chains and PVC! Moving throughout the rooms I took a few pictures and found a design that I had previously purchased from the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham as gift wrap! This Jon Burgerman design is amazing! I love the chaos in colour and the funky little illustrations of little monsters and strange animal things he draws.
Aww. Just so cute. Hehe.

Photos I took:

Woo. Now onto Matthew Williamson: 10 Years in Fashion.
Manchester-born Matthew Williamson is a unique success story within the British Fashion Industry. An exciting exhibition presents his most ironic designs and deconstructs the process behind his work, illuminating his distinctive use of pattern, print and colour.
I have taken a wide range of photographs of the majority of Matthew's designs in both clothing and print format. Also a one off mood board Matthew had created especially for the exhibition.

And that ends a day in Manchester. Had a wicked day, but want to go back for some more shopping! haha.

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