Saturday, 27 September 2008

Open West Midlands Winner!

Luke Harkus-Jefferies has been named the winner of the Peoples Prize Award in Wolverhampton Art Gallery's Open West Midlands exhibition. His piece Untitled (2008) was a firm favourite with visitors who cast over 500 votes during the exhibition.

It presents the viewer with two different viewpoints of what seems to be a quintessential family home presented in the form of a dolls house, allowing the viewer to take on the role of voyeur as they explore the work through a number of windows and small peepholes. On one side, his work presents a neutral and calm interior, whereas the alternative shows a blood stained cellar - the site for a violent attack.

Luke Harkus-Jefferies researched various subjects whilst creating his work including crime and psychoanalysis. This led him to develop a concept that focuses on the acceptability of violence in society as a form of entertainment.

THAT'S MY FRIEND! He won £100 prize money & was dead chuffed about it :) .

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