Saturday, 12 September 2009

Summer's been & Gone, Now I need to think... WORK!

With summer almost over and a project to start, I seriously had (up until just a few weeks ago) no inspiration to start any drawings for my first 3rd year project. With 3rd year being my final and most important year, I wanted to choose something that will keep me occupied up until Christmas and that I would love and enjoy seeing everyday!

Being stuck with ideas, and a deadline for my project proposal, I started to panic and simply didn't put down a theme and just stuck to the plan of 'everyday objects.'
With this all done and handed it, I started gathering some inspiration... finally! =]
So with inspiring ideas heading my way, and changing my theme, which means I actually have a title too!

Gypsy Treasures.

Not the everyday gypsies that you see, (in normal caravans with cars), but the old-fashioned traditional gypsies with the dome shaped roofed waggon caravans with wheels, usually pulled by a horse (Vanner).
I can't put my finger on it, to where this idea came about, most probably when I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and my friend calling pirates; Gypsies of the Sea, which I also find fascinating.

So there's my ideas laid out in the sand, so all I need to do now is to get on with it and start drawing. I have an appointment next week to go and photograph an old-fashioned waggon in York and other areas for primary research will be jewellery, lucky charms, coins, flowers (heather) etc...

Kate Moss in a fashion shoot not so long ago with the 'Gypsies.'
I love this image, the traditional caravan in the background and the natural colours and swirly patterns on the front of the waggon.
An inspirational image towards my own work.

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