Saturday, 24 October 2009

Gypsy Treasures

'Gypsy Treasures' is the title of my current project. I am inspired by the surroundings of traditional and vintage gypsies, looking at living arrangments and quirky objects they own. Finding traditional gypsy caravans was tough, I managed to locate one in York but my imagery wasn't providing me with what I wanted, so I wondered off on my travels again and came across La Rosa Campsite in Whitby. This campsite is amazing! Vintage gypsy homes, chrome exterior, different themes in each van... I was simply in my element! Each caravan told it's own story with objects from all over inside them. My photos from La Rosa are my most used primary resources, which are drawn from by hand, illustrator and collage.

A few photos from my travels; drinking tea by the chrome van, gypsy trucker van and a mini caravan for the pet cats.

With my illustrations, I am aiming to produce a scrapbooking collection, although I am going to test my images on fabric, which will decide whether they work as well as paper based products, which ables me to design fashion prints too.
At the moment I am particularly fond of illustrator and adding colour to my drawings. See a few examples below;

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marley said...

i love these!:) ace project!xx