Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 drawing to an end...

Good morning my lovelies, 

After Mother got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for Christmas this year I will actually be able to blog more often...I know I have completely neglected you for almost a year. Blogging often will have to be a New Years Resolution! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I was spoilt this year, I received a Vivienne Westwood orb necklace and a Cambridge Satchel Company satchel from my boyfriend. *lucky me!* Amongst other things....Downton Abbey boxset, which I'm very much into at the moment, so much drama! I love it! I also got 2 onesies, a hello kitty one and a creamy coloured bunny, I feel like Max from Where The Wild Things Are when I wear it. I just need a crown. I will have to get some photos when I'm running round screaming 'LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!!!' 

So what kind of year has 2012 been for you?

I started the year with a holiday and then a few weeks later had a left leg the size of an elephant and was in hospital with a blood clot. Although I met so many wonderful old ladies whilst I was there, I could not wait to be home in my own bed and eat nice food! Being off work for a month was nice, yet so very boring at times. 

I also started doing craft fairs with my jewellery, its been quite successful but there have been a few losses along the way, but you never know unless you try. In December Vintage Cottage in Bromsgrove has started stocking my jewellery, I've not heard of any sales yet, but I've got an open mind and fingers crossed things might take off in 2013. 
I have so many ideas bubbling away in my brain that I need to start taking time out to makethem happen, otherwise I'll probably lie in a pool of regret and wish I did make time for things.

Happy New Year and lets hope 2013 is a healthy & creative one! 

Charlotte xox

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